I Don 't Know It Makes Us Poor

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There once was a girl named Emily, who was 6 years old. She lived on a small farm, in a small town, with not many people. She had 9 older siblings and 2 younger siblings. Emily and her family were poor but, she didn’t know that because, she always got what she needed. Her mom taught her how to sew her clothes. Her dad taught her how to run the farm. Emily went to school, but only had one friend named Anna. She was always bullied. One day she was washing dishes and turned to her mom and asked, “Mom are we poor?”
Her mom looked at her and said “No we are not poor. We just don’t have things other families have.”
“I don’t understand. I feel like it makes us poor.” said Emily.
“Well someday you will learn that not having things other families have doesn’t make us poor. Now get over here and finish these dishes. Then, go finish your homework,” said Emily’s mom.
“Okay mom,” said Emily still confused. The very next day, Emily went to school. There were always two bullies that picked on her. “Your family is so poor even your mom can’t buy you clothes.” said one of the bullies.
“My mama may be poor, but she can make better clothes than your mama ever could,” said Emily. She was proud of herself for standing up for herself. The bullies finally left her alone for now at least. When Emily got home, she saw her mom making something new. She knew it wasn’t for her because, she always got hand-me-downs.
“Mom we are poor. You said we weren’t.” Said…

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