I Don 't Like Animals Essay

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I happen to be a dog lover who had a guest this morning who spent the entire visit (thankfully only around 20 minutes) proclaiming her adamant hatred for animals. Now, I don 't mind if you don 't like animals, but when you visit someone 's home who has a dog or cat, there are a few polite things you can do so you don 't come out looking so damn rude in a pet owner 's house... First of all, a person who has pets won 't (and shouldn 't have to) put their dog or cat away to enjoy your company. To pet owners, dogs and cats are part of the family, so if you don 't like them, then deal with it or don 't come visit. Either option is fine. But don 't stick your nose in the air and repeat "I don 't like animals" over and over to your host. What if you didn 't like children? Would you say, "I don 't like kids- go away, kid!" right to the parent 's face? With pet owners, that is exactly what you are saying. What you should say, and are completely entitled to say, is, "I am unfamiliar with dogs (or cats, whatever)". Pet owners aren 't stupid- they can tell by your stiff approach to their dog that you are likely wanting to bolt from the room, and often (and should) call their dog (or cat) to them to keep them out of your face. But again, once the animal is out of your presence, don 't repeat your disgust for animals again. We get it- you don 't like the dog/cat... Don 't slap at or push or yell at the pet who is standing a good foot away from you and basically completely ignoring you.
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