I Don 't Remember Much Before It All Went Dark

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I don’t remember much before it all went dark. I think I was in a bus. Something like a crash and lots of screaming, a feeling of weightlessness. Then nothing. Now I’m in this beeping place. I can’t tell where I am because I can’t open my eyes. It’s kind of funny. I can definitely feel that there’s something heavy and warm on top of me, and can hear the beep, beep, beep, next to me. But I can’t talk or move. Now and then people come and examine my head and I try to talk to them. ‘I can’t seem to open my eyes. Can someone tell me what happened to them?’ I try to say but I can’t seem to get my vocal chords to respond. I guess I’ll have to wait until next time. But these people, they know what they’re doing. They always come at the same time and poke in the same place. With their hands and sometimes with something sharp. They don’t say a lot. They come, prod, and leave with a sigh. It’s rather strange. Someone opened my eye today and shone a light in it. It was bright and I couldn’t tell them to stop. Also, did you know that your eye can stick to your eyelid if you don’t open them for long enough. I do now. It didn’t hurt though, just felt good to unstick it. Someone’s been holding my hand and talking to me. It really helps pass the boredom since I can’t move or talk. I think it’s my mom. She’s about 11 chapters into Harry Potter ‘The Sorcerer’s Stone’. I would tell her that I’ve already read it but… I still can’t seem to get my vocal chords to work. She holds my hand and sits

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