I Don 't Think It

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"I don 't think so... Wait... Now that I think of it, I do remember hearing about the class getting together at some point for a project, but I didn 't think it was to make a booth for a festival." Natsumi laughed and said, "Well, if you 're lucky, you won 't have to come up with what booth to make, and who runs it, because me and Akemi are doing both since we, well I, was picked to be the class representative. Akemi helps just as much though, ha." "That 's right," Akemi said, "We both want our booth to stand out from the rest, so we are making sure that, come next week, we will have a plan set in stone, and will be ahead of the rest of the competition. Right Natsumi?" Natsumi gives a thumbs up and said, "You know it!" "Isn 't a festival suppose to be about having fun though?" "Of course," Natsumi said, "But that doesn 't mean that we can 't be the best at having fun, ha!" Is it even possible to be the best at having fun? I shrugged it off and enjoyed the rest of my lunch with Natsumi and Akemi. The bell rang, and we began to make our way back to our classrooms, when Natsumi reminded me and Akemi of something. "Hey, are we still doing the study group with Ryo after school?" Me and Akemi looked dumbstruck. I completely forgot that we were suppose to going to do that. I said, "Oh... oh yeah, I forgot about that, hehe." Akemi nodded and said, "I also did. I think we were so busy talking to each other yesterday that it just slipped our minds, ha ha." Natsumi chuckled and said,
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