I Don 't Think It

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"I don 't think so... Wait... Now that I think of it, I do remember hearing about the class getting together at some point for a project, but I didn 't think it was to make a booth for a festival." Natsumi laughed and said, "Well, if you 're lucky, you won 't have to come up with what booth to make, and who runs it, because me and Akemi are doing both since we, well I, was picked to be the class representative. Akemi helps just as much though, ha." "That 's right," Akemi said, "We both want our booth to stand out from the rest, so we are making sure that, come next week, we will have a plan set in stone, and will be ahead of the rest of the competition. Right Natsumi?" Natsumi gives a thumbs up and said, "You know it!" "Isn 't a festival …show more content…
As annoyed as I was at the thought, I said,"Yes, Ryo, the study, that you wanted us to do, is today." Ryo laughed and said, "Wow, it must 've slipped my mind. Yeah, I 'm still down for it. Where are we having it?" "Well it 's your study group. Shouldn 't you decide?" "Ah, making decisions is too much work. You decide Satoshi." How does anyone pass school with an attitude like that, I 'll never know. "I just joined this school like 3 weeks ago Ryo! I Don 't know where a good place to study would be..." "Well, looks like we 're up shit creek without a paddle then, huh Satoshi?" I sighed out of frustration, and said, "Okay, how about we let Natsumi and Akemi decide then?" "That 's fine with me. Let the women do all the work. I like your style Satoshi, ha!" I just simply shook my head and focused on our new lesson in class. The bell rang, I got all of my books, and started heading out the door with Ryo to meet the girls. As I expect, Natsumi and Akemi were waiting for us outside the door. After a few friendly hello 's, Natsumi asked, "So what are we doing?" "Well, Ryo was just too lazy to decide, so he gave me the option for you two ladies to decide for us." "Hey! I 'm not lazy, I just don 't feel like making decisions that 's all" Ryo said, sounding like he was offended somehow. "That sounds like Ryo," Natsumi said looking at him. "What do you think Akemi?" Akemi thought about it, then said, "Oh! I know a

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