I Don 't Think Jesus Would Be Advocating For Gun Rights

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Being born in America where the majority of people 's faith is Christian , and my upbring in religion was based on those beliefs. I believe that there are many things in the Bible that are good , however the good is far outweighed by the unpalatable and contradictory parts of the Bible . Many people in faith have no evidence to justify claims, for example one time my Christian pastor went on about how the government should not be taking our guns. Yet Jesus was someone who valued things like love , compassion, acceptance , hope and giving. I don 't think Jesus would be advocating for gun rights. In my experience I have met some of the most judgemental , bigoted, hateful, and fake people in church. I do believe that most people are ,”good” but no one is perfect and any person can make bad choices. I think there are evil Christians, evil Muslims , evil Atheist, however there are good Christians , good Muslims, and good Atheists. I think most people would like to see the world as black and white, but morality is a gray area. Good and Evil are both subjective ideas , because someone 's opinion of how I live my life might be see as evil , whereas to my logical understanding it is morally good. I could rant all day and night about what is moral and why we should understand that almost no one on this earth believes that exact same as anyone else. Like most of my opinion as long as your faith and believes do not hurt anyone and do not legislate on things like science and the

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