I Don 't Think You Should Do This

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“Tyler I don’t think you should do this,” Rosalyn whispered. She was biting her nails and trying to avoid eye contact with him. The state of anxiety she was in along with purple bruise on her cheek only confirmed why Tyler felt he had no choice.
“Look, it’s my fault you’re in this mess. I’m just going to switch a few pages of the old contract with the new contract. Abby will handle the rest. Don’t worry I’ll be in and out,” He assured her as he got out her black Volkswagen Beetle. “Just stay in the car.” For her sake he smiled and winked before jogging off to the back door of what was his office building. He hoped Abby stuck to the plan they hatched out only a few hours earlier. When he got to the door, he took a deep breath.
With trembling hands, he grabbed the door handle. Cautiously, he pulled the door towards his body. Nothing happened.
“Thank you Abby” he quietly exclaimed to himself. He relaxed a little knowing Abby came through for him. Swiftly and silently, he ran up 8 flights of stairs and entered his office.
“Where the fuck did I put it?” Tyler mumbled while rummaging through his desk. He thumbed through neat stacks of manila folders and documents only to toss them aside in frustration when they weren’t what he was looking for. The rejects of his search laid scattered about his office floor. Everything seemed to be out of place. The sofa, chairs, and his liquor table were unaligned and no longer parallel to the walls they were carefully placed in

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