I Don 't You Just Go Talk About The New Boy

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Nova ran from one end of the field to the other with such poise and strength, it almost seemed like he had been there before. He prepared his next steps, as he leaped from the 20 yard line to the end zone, all in one breath. Maggie noticed. Maggie always noticed.
She sat beside the field on a picnic table with three close friends, passing around gossip, a cigarette, and unlimited jokes. The girls caught Maggie in her moment of admiration.
“Why don 't you just go talk to the new boy already?”
Maggie cringed as she pictured the mere thought of possible rejection. There was no way she was going to take the risk of having her ego being crushed, especially by the new boy, Nova.
“I don 't think he likes me,” Maggie whispered as she gawked at him doing his push ups across the field with his football team. She couldn 't take her eyes off him. Maggie held her gaze for a minute, then looked away before anyone could notice.
“Come on Maggie, just go say hi and ask him if he wants to have a smoke.” said Emily with fumes flowing out of her nostrils and mouth from the cigarette. She was Maggie’s closest friend, and the only person in their school with all the gossip and the biggest mouth. Nova stared right at Maggie, and their eyes met. It was purely magical. She could 've sworn it was a dream.
“No! I am not going to talk to him Emily.” she said. Maggie stared at his beautiful face, thinking of all the worst case scenarios a teenage girl with the self esteem of a mouse could think
of if…

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