I Enjoyed Taking This Course. Looking Back To Week One,

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I enjoyed taking this course. Looking back to week one, I was also placed in a similar situation where I wanted to contribute more to my community, my patients and to nursing. I love being a nurse, but I wanted to take on more of a leadership role. When I decided to go to graduate school, I knew I did not want to work in administration. I still wanted to take care of my patients. I chose Family nurse practitioner because this role will place me in a leadership position and I will still be able to care for my patients. As an NP I will have the freedom of autonomy in caring for my patients (Weiland, 2015). In order for a registered nurse to become an NP, they have to have a graduate-level education which entails having a master’s degree…show more content…
According to the American Association of Nurse Practitioner, the rate for NPs have increased from 98,786 in 2011 to 108,643 in 2015 (Annual Income for Nurse Practitioners on the Rise, 2015). This assignment gave me the opportunity to think about the range I would like my salary to be in the future. It gave me insight about NPs salary. I also learned that I can use contract negotiation to negotiation my tuition reimbursement and student loan. NPs work can be seen as a contribution of revenue generators. Based on their scope of practice and the type of care they give they can generate more business for the clinic they work for. Increase with business comes with patients feel satisfied with the care they are given. It is vital that NPs learn the business side of their practice which involves the language of productivity, billing, reimbursement and insurance (Pickard, 2014). In week 4 I learned about the responsibility of Medical Assistance. They are hired within primary care to assist providers. It gave a scenario of what I could possible experience within the workplace. I learned that it is important to know each person scope of practice as well as it is Important that they also know their scope of practice. It is also important that employee knows the facility policy and wear the policy books are keep. In week 5. I learned that conflict may arise in the workplace that can affect the type of care staff deliver to
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