I Feel As A Writer

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I feel as though I have really grown as a writer because of this class. Before taking W131, I always had a hard time trying to put my thoughts down on paper in a way that made sense. No matter how many times I would rewrite my past papers I never seemed to be able to convey my thoughts and beliefs accurately. This course really has taught me the importance of prewriting and revising. Before, I would simple sit down and stare at a blank computer screen and just kind of start typing and what I ended up with was extremely unorganized and hard to follow. Now that I have found a way to prewrite that works for me, I feel as though my writing has really improved and become more organized. One of my other “weaknesses”, when it comes to writing, is my inability to keep from getting to emotionally involved. If I feel passionately about something then you are going to be able to tell, no matter which emotion it may be, frustration, anger, sadness, or joy. I know that being passionate about something and that putting that passion into your work can be a very good thing, but it can also be bad if you are writing a paper which requires you to be unbiased. For instance, essay four the synthesis paper, the articles that I chose to write about made me extremely frustrated and it was very difficult for me to control my emotions while writing it. I know that my anger and frustration is easily felt by the readers based on the peer reviews that I received, as well as some of the initial
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