I Feel As If I Have Gained A Lot From Taking Sph M426

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I feel as if I have gained a lot from taking SPH-M426. Over the course of the semester, I was given an in-depth exposure to the sales aspect of the sports industry. Practically every aspect of sports sales that one could think of, from CRM’s and DMB’s to ticket sales for corporate suites, was touched upon in this course. The sheer magnitude content covered in this course made me feel as if some of the earlier topics and assignments had occurred in a prior semester. In fact, as I looked Canvas to formulate a response for this paper, I was actually a bit surprised to see that the baseball sales calls and Ice to the Eskimos quizzes had occurred this semester. An aspect of this course that I particularly appreciated was how the instructor…show more content…
Essentially, if not enough tickets are sold, there is no chance to recoup the lost revenue from other sources such as concessions or parking as these sources are reliant on ticket sales. This course taught me that not only are ticket sales the lifeblood of the sports industry, but also that the possession of sales skills is practically a prerequisite for any young professional hoping to enter the sports industry. Attaining above-average interpersonal and persuasive skills are seen by many to be crucial for those seeking a career in sports. Seeing as how a majority of entry-level jobs in the sports industry are in sales, this conviction rings particularly true. I had a difficult time conjuring changes that I’d make to this course. In all honesty, I felt as if this course is near-perfectly constructed as is. If I had to come with a suggestion it would be to find ways use class time to harbor back what we had learned much earlier; particularly from the slides and article reviews. The length of the semester coupled with the sheer magnitude of content covered in this class can make it easy for one to forget about what they’ve learned earlier on. I find myself struggling with this problem now, as I frantically try to reintroduce myself to some of the material in the earlier lectures and article reviews as I prepare for the final
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