I Feel Like Any Good Writer

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Personally, I feel like any good writer makes their writing come alive by making you feel not just for the characters, but with them. How do they do this? Writing therapy. Many writers tend to be so creative because they are conciously and subconsciously engaged in their writing. Even if they are not trying to deal with any issues that feel strongly about or are personal to them, it comes out in their writing. For me, my writing is this world where my characters can experience things I have seen or dealt with in some shape or form whether it happened in reality or only in my dreams. My writing takes shape from my characters and how they deal with these experiences. Each of my characters are different in terms of personalities and each look at a different avenue for a problem. As a writer, this is the time I can step outside to get an overall view of the exprience and still see it thorugh my characters eyes. I need to see what they are seeing, feel what they are feeling and really understand not just what is happening, but why. I can admit to that my writing is my therapy to help me work through my problems and issues. No one is perfect and everyone has there hang ups, phobias and problems. For example, over a year ago I was coming home from work at 7pm and at the time I lived off a local highway that had a median in the middle. I got off the bus made it to the median with another woman beside me. It was dark out and cars tend to speed like its the autoban because there
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