I Feel Lost

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Falling is the first thing I feel as I awake. Then it hits me, plane, and engine blowout. Gotta get out. Now. I struggle to undo my seat buckle when another pair of hands starts to help, looking up I see Elizabeth Alexander, my friend and colleague, frantically helping me. I’m out of the seat now and it's eerily quiet for plane crashing to the earth, I look around to see only me, Logan, Simon, Jim, and Candy are awake, all others are already dead of passed out. Elizabeth takes my hand, pulls me to the back of the plane and tells me to get on a parachute, I do and soon I am working my way to the side door that is about to be wedged open by Logan. The door opens and immediately bodies are sucked out like vacuum. I’m being pulled out the plane when the body of my former boss, a short, fat man by the name of earl, gets ripped out of his seat and pins me against the wall. His face dripping in blood from a luggage compartment smashing down on him from the engine failure, looks like an all red version of stepping out of the shower and not toweling your hair dry, and all that blood is blowing on to me. I get sick at the sight of blood so when earl’s fat face dripped it into my mouth and onto my face I puked violently causing my body to spasm and squeeze myself from between the wall and him. I was now blindly trying to find the exit when I am suddenly sucked out and the wind blows the mash of blood and vomit from my eyes, now able to see, I realized I was only a couple of
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