I Feel Nothing : You Can 't Be Serious?

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I feel nothing. My body feels as if it has no beginning or end, it just exists…Where am I? What happened to me? “Why are you following me?” “Because I can.”
“You’re annoying, stop following me.” Who is that? “You can’t be serious?” “What?” “There is no way, you can be everywhere I am. I know that voice…that voice… “What about it? It controls me You need to stay away from me. I can’t. I can’t. I can’t feel my body. Why? Why don’t I like you? Isn’t it obvious? You’re not what I want. You aren’t what I need. Just…Just give me… A chance…You know what, sure I’ll go on a date with you. It hurts, something hurts. I “You were-are so beautiful, but I don’t know why. When I came up to you and you shot me down, I was angry. Why? I don’t know? Jesus, this is annoying. Why? Huh? Who is talking right now? Why? Why? Why do I know that voice? Why are you doing this? Doing what? Doing this. Dong what? Killing yourself. What’s that sound? Flush flush. Is that water? Why do you insist that we always go somewhere were water is there? Huh? You always say that you will only go with me somewhere as long as water is present and I want to know why? Why what? Why are you obsessed with water? The sound, flush flush, is becoming louder, it sounds like water. Yet, where’s it coming from. Huh? There’s light, why is it getting brighter?

“What are you listening to?” the man asked.
The woman responded, “Why do you need to know?”
“Because I’m curious,” he…

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