I Felt a Funeral, in My Brain Analysis

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Morgan Russell Shaw English 200 6 November 2012 Essay Two – I felt a Funeral, in my Brain 1. Part One Solitary: Deprived of the company of others; the state of being alone; a reference to solitary confinement (solitary). The use of the word solitary in line 16 illustrates how although people have been described as taking part in the funeral, they do not relate or understand her. Although there are others around her, there is no communication between them. She is described as wrecked in the same line that “solitary” is used, showing the reader that her state of isolation is due to her being damaged – her state of being insane. Although the use of other words, such as the use of the non-inclusive words they and them, give hint to…show more content…
There is significance in this in that it reflects how isolated she is in this journey. Despite there being mourners around her, she is alone her despair, isolated inside of her own brain. World: A state or realm of existence, often used in reference to human existence on Earth or in reference to Heaven and Hell; A person’s normal or habitual sphere of though (world). In the poem, “world” is used in the introduction of a new state. In this sense, the word “World” has many interpretations. Through implementation of the metaphor, made at the beginning of the poem, between a person’s descent into insanity and a funeral, we can look at the use of “world” in two different ways. In one sense, “world” is referring to ones state of mental stability and the change from the state of sanity to insanity. In another sense “world” is referring to leaving the realm of human existence on earth and arriving at the afterlife. The worlds that the afterlife inhabits, Heaven and Hell, are both referenced; Heaven being mention in line 13 and Hell being referenced by the use of the words dropped in describing the transition between Earth and the afterlife. Plank: A long wooden board forming the main part of a structure; a gravestone (plank). Being a long wooden board, one that acts as a support for something, a plank has to be sturdy. The line reads, “And then a Plank in Reason, broke,” The significance of the word
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