I Find It Ironic That The Star Of The American Sitcom “Modern

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I find it ironic that the star of the American sitcom “Modern Family”, Sofía Vergara, is involved in a custody battle with her ex-fiancé, Nick Loeb. The irony lies in the fact that the legal proceedings of this case reveal many American notions about the societal definition of family. Both in fiction and in reality, Sofía Vergara is playing the role of formalizing what it means to be a family in America. While illuminating ideals about family, the Sofía Vergara custody battle, also uncovers details surrounding the connection between law and the production of social order, the determination of fact, the distribution of power, and society’s general vision of the world. Through the analytical framework of Lawrence Rosen’s novel, “Law as…show more content…
The details surrounding Nick Loeb’s motivation for this custody battle combined with the ideology of America’s romance regarding community, paint a perfect picture depicting the importance of family and its effects on an individual’s social standing. As the Sofía Vergara article progresses, notions of family continue to be stressed, and in addition to the aspects of American social order that have been illuminated, concepts of fact production are divulged. The only relevant truth explicitly noted in the Sofía Vergara custody battle is the fact that Nick Loeb and Sofía Vergara are the “natural parents” of their frozen embryos (Article). Other than this chunk information, no other particulars regarding this case can be regarded as “truth”. Truth is the subjective perception of the reality around society, and since truth cannot be further extracted from these legal proceedings, society must rely on fact to determine the appropriate course of action for the parties involved in the Sofía Vergara trial (Law, Culture, Society Lecture 2017). On page 68 of Law as Culture: An Invitation, it is said that even if there is “little dispute over what ‘really happened’ [in a court case], something must first be regarded as fact to count” (Rosen 2008, 68). Facts, statements that are believed to be true, have to be established in order for the Sofía
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