I Find The Sport Of The Hoofball Game Last Night

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“So, you watch the hoofball game last night?”

“No. I find the sport to be repugnant and vapid.”

“Oh,” Captain Bronze Lance said. He was having a rough week.

After being grilled by the Royal Sisters about bachelors in the Royal Guard—which was quite possibly the most awkward conversation he had ever had—the Princesses went missing, which sent the palace guards into panic. One moment, they were having tea in one of the castle’s sitting rooms, and the next, they were gone. Nearly five dozen guards discreetly scoured the castle grounds all day, trying to prevent the inevitable hysteria that would break out if Their Highnesses disappeared.

Hours later, in the middle of the night, the Two Sisters walked into the kitchen asking for a snack as if nothing had happened. The reports detailing that situation took Captain Lance hours to complete, and he made sure to bury them deep, deep within the castle’s archives. Once this week was over, he never wanted to talk about it again.

But right now, he was awkwardly sitting beside Celestia’s royal scheduling advisor, Kibitz, waiting for the Princesses to arrive.

“Do you think they’re running late? The scheduled time was five minutes ago.” Bronze said.

Without turning his head, Kibitz dryly replied, “Captain, the Princesses are never ‘running late,’ other ponies are simply running early.”

“Oh,” Bronze said, looking down at his hooves.

It was unusual for Celestia and Luna to arrange meetings with such short notice, but usual days were…

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