I Found The Article ' Mindful Reflections As A Process For Developing Culturally Responsive Practice

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I found the article, "Mindful Reflections as a Process for Developing Culturally Responsive Practice" very informative and thought-provoking. The article relates to how educators could apply the process of conscious thinking that could assist with the development of culturally responsive practices when engaging students with disabilities. "According to Dray and Wisneski, the intention of the protocol is to support teachers in the process of deep reflection that interrupts historically inaccurate views and responses to students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds" (Wisneski & Dary, 2009). To better address classroom bias, educators acknowledge their own perception of culture, language and gender differences through…show more content…
… This lack of cultural sync becomes evident in instructional situations in which teachers misinterpret, denigrate, and dismiss black students ' language, nonverbal cues, physical movements, learning styles, cognitive approaches, and worldview" (2008). Additionally, female students are affected by gender stereotypes by teachers. Zittleman identified, "that teachers spend up to two thirds of their time talking to male students; they also are more likely to interrupt girls but allow boys to talk over them. Teachers also tend to acknowledge girls but praise and encourage boys. They spend more time prompting boys to seek deeper answers while rewarding girls for being quiet. Boys are also more frequently called to the front of the class for demonstrations. When teachers ask questions, they direct their gaze towards boys more often, especially when the questions are open-ended"(). All of these factors can have a tremendous impact on the learning environment and the how students learn and retain information. To create a learning environment that embraces cultural differences and specific learning differences; it is imperative for teachers to plan effectively. The first step to preparing a learning environment conducive to learning for all students, regardless of cultural differences, is to establish a set of classroom procedures. The procedures should not be biased towards any particular culture or student stereotype. For example, using hand signals for

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