I Found The Exercise That We Did On The Quad

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I found the exercise that we did on the quad to be rather interesting. At the end of the exercise, I found myself towards the front of the class. Seeing how far behind some of my classmates were perplexed me, because my family and I were never handed anything in life, always working for every success (or failure) we have encountered since our time in the United States. Did these opportunities arise because of where we came from and the color of our skin? Perhaps so, perhaps not. To begin, I will reflect on a handful of the questions that were asked, and give my answers and opinions on those questions. The first question I will discuss is question 2, “If you feel that your primary ethnic identity is “American” take one step forward.” Personally, I am proud of my great-great-grandparents and where they come from, which I will discuss later, however I identify myself as being an American, first and foremost. I am not sure how some of my classmates responded to this question, but the only logical way I could understand them not stepping forward would be if they were a foreign exchange student or something of the like. While I agree that our great country has had a violent history, and problems still exist today, we still live in the best country in the world. Just living or going to school in the United States brings a plethora of chances for success. Perhaps for some, those chances are greater in amount and prestige. That being said, however, I would hope my classmates would

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