I Found Vips Framework Is The Absolute Value Of All Human Lives Essay

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Review of Scholarly Literature:
While reading this book, I found VIPS Framework is a valuable asset to use for person-centered care that represent a base that asserts the absolute value of all human lives regardless of age or cognitive ability, each individual with dementia are special and need to approach differently, recognising uniqueness, understanding the world from the perspective of the person identified as needing support and providing a social environment that supports psychological needs. The VIPS framework is a tool that is designed to help provider of health and care services for people living with dementia to assess the relative strengths and weakness with regard to providing person-centered care. This framework can be use to help support people with dementia personhood, it is important to “enter the world” of the person living with dementia to best understand, communicate with, and interpret the meaning of his or her behavioral expressions from their perspective. Health care organization caring for the people with dementia can use the person-centered care VIPS framework. Before using this framework, organization need to understand the elements that are sub-divided to indicators,valuing indicators; individual lives indicators; personal prospective indicators; socially supportive environment indicators. Valuing indicator shows the mission statement and share the vision of organization to provide the resources to ensure that staff are delivering direct care by
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