I Get By With A Little Help From My? Essay

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I get by with a little help from my…? In Curtis Silver’s essay titled “The Quagmire of Social Media Friendships,” He describes the realization of what a true friend is. With millions of people on social media, anyone can feel as though they have achieved rock star status. This is the ruse social networking sites like Facebook and twitter cause. Having thousands of “friends” on social media accounts has changed the true meaning on how people connect on a personal level. The question is, is it even possible for people to believe they have that many friends? Let alone being able to manage a real relationship that actually embodies the meaning of friendship.
Many people have equated social media to merely a worldwide popularity contest. In his article, Curtis Silver quips, “Up until about five years ago I only had a handful of people I would consider friends. These people knew me well, and I them. These were the kinds of people to help a guy move on short notice or jump your car in the rain. Now, times have changed and considering all the social networks I 'm attached to, I have thousands of friends. I 'm the most popular person in the world!” (Silver 444) Silver’s statement is a great representation of today’s social media mentality. There are People that actually pride themselves on having a surplus of social media friends and multiple accounts. Some that would even put some celebrity’s fan base to shame. Silver equates friendship to its philosophical meaning, which says a

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