I Going Away Mummy What Does It Mean To You

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I am THE luckiest person I know because my work makes a real difference to many peoples' lives. When my girls ask, 'Why are you going away Mummy?'. I say, 'I am going to help people'. I have the chance to educate and inspire by providing a little bit of perspective, in today's busy world. I feel so passionate, I would do it for free (and often do, much to my husband's frustration!). I try to deliver like it's the first time, in a way that doesn't preach. Sharing some of my experiences, I make a concerted effort to draw-out the business lessons I learnt, for myself. People take from it what they need. They often tell me they are deeply moved by my keynote address, at a number of levels. I strive to inspire the young and remind those
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