I Got From My Mom During The Interview

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This paper will discuss the answers that I got from my mom during the interview. It will also talk about my reflection to the answers that I got from her. I grew up in the Christian family. My parents are volunteers at my home church in Indonesia. My relationship with my parents is good. We could talk about everything openly. I have two brothers where we are very close to each other. My family is my number one priorities in life. Since I was little, My parents taught me about the importance of putting God 's first and get connected with the church. At that time, my perspective on Christianity is nothing more than a religion and about doing the right thing because God wants me to do it.
My First Years Of Life Through High School Years My mom told me that since I was little, She saw that I had the same interests like my dad; I like to study, and I love to try different things in life. Since my elementary until high school, compared to my brothers, She saw me like to be involved in many organization activities, from joining the student association at school, serving in the kid 's ministry until being a leader for the youth group in the church. During my elementary through high school, my mom taught me that I found my comfort and encouragement from my dad. She said, compared to my brothers, I had the closest relationship with my father. I could talk to him about everything; From money issue, politics, food, school issue, to the story in the Bible. I think one of the reasons

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