I Got Like Sewing Needles

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It was noon when I woke up. I woke up to honking, drumming, screaming, and clean air. Everything was all blurry, and I saw enormous structures that looked like sewing needles. I pinched my arm, hoping this was all a dream. To my surprise, it was not. At this point, I saw more clearly. And I saw buildings alright; a great deal in fact! There was one huge building that was shaped like a pair of rocket boots, and the rest of the buildings were scattered all across the area. The area was quite large, almost the size of Manhattan, and the shape was quite like it as well. Oh how I love Manhattan. It’s so beautiful. Its culture and liveliness make an island like none other.
Anyway, I started walking across the bridge on which I was standing, and as I strolled across, I took a deep breath of the clean air. The smell made me feel alive. I smelled beauty and change. I smelled roses and perfume. I continued to follow the scent, and I immediately came to a stop. The citrusy scent filled my tiny nose as I strolled down what now looked like a neighborhood, a very technologically advanced one that is. The neighborhood like a tree. The houses were the leaves and the trunk was was the central stem that held it all together. As I continued to jaunt my way through the cityscape, I came to a quick hault. As I raised my head, I saw a sign; the sign said “1st Street.” I gawned in disbelief, first street was where my house was located! As I took the path that led to my house, I came to a gate.…

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