I Graduate With A High School Diploma

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Justina Mikhail

Algebra 1
Mrs. Kamerman

December 11, 2015

INTRODUCTION After I graduate with a high school diploma, I would like to become an orthodontist. Orthodontics has fascinated me since I was in third grade when I got braces. I have had my braces on for seven years now, therefore I frequently visit my orthodontist. Throughout my treatment process, I have seen the improvement made in the shape of my mouth. The idea of being able to drastically improve someone 's smile by reforming, straightening, and aligning an individual 's mouth has always intrigued me.

ORTHODONTIST RESEARCH The expertise needed to be successful in orthodontics in is the ability to easily maneuver your hands. As a student, I should take courses that will prepare me for admission to the pre dental college of my choice. In general, my high school courses should include chemistry, biology, english, mathematics, speech, history, sign language, and any other courses that include the development of hand skills. Courses like so, which specialize in improving my communication skills and they will also assist in the preparation of my college studies. Critical Thinking is necessary to achieve mastery in this area because orthodontics requires the ability to identify and solve problems, therefore a course in which this is taught will be helpful. Orthodontists are usually associated with…
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