I Had A Good Experience Or Bad

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Many of my mathematical experiences are intertwined with the teacher I had at the time. Whether I had a good experience or bad was based on the material being taught and the teacher doing the lesson. When I was in high school, I only appreciated mathematics when I understood the material and was enjoying what I was learning. If the class were overly stressful and strict, I wouldn’t succeed or be engaged as much. I had a few classes like this through my mathematical career, but one particular class and teacher stick out to me as my worst. My junior year of high school I took a mathematics course with a very strict, old-fashion type of teacher. The overall class wasn’t awful; I learned many interesting topics and it was engaging at times but I had a few bad experiences throughout the class. The teacher was not very understanding towards her students and would blame us when problems arise. By adding that type of pressure, no one felt they could succeed in her course. While I did have a few bad experiences, overall my mathematics career was very enjoyable. My best experiences were classes that engaged the students and were student-centered. The teacher would change how the lessons were taught and not only lecture to us. A class where I was able to struggle with problems until I reached the solution is how I started to see the beauty of mathematics. A lot of high school students will miss the opportunity to see all the great parts of mathematics. When they look back at their

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