I Had A Good Friend

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Application Paper Recently I had a good friend ask me about important prerequisites she will need to take next semester. One of the classes needed is communications. She was really nervous and concerned because she is very shy and uncomfortable making public presentations. I couldn’t have been more excited to explain my experience in the Introduction to Communications course and how this class can not only benefit her in the future, but also help her feel more comfortable presenting in front of fellow classmates. I first explained to her that I am in the same boat with being shy. I literally cannot speak in front of the class without screwing something up because of how awkwardly uncomfortable I feel while presenting. I was so nervous to take any communications classes, but I know it is a requirement. I have to take this class in order to get the degree that I have my sights set on. I wouldn’t let one class that I am scared to take hinder me from getting my degree. The first day of class I made sure I was super early. I was probably about 45 minutes early because I had been so nervous and anxious to get the ball rolling . I wanted to make sure I was prompted and ready. I will never forget the first day of class. I met two girls named Asia and Dae. All three of us had arrived the earliest and waited for the teacher. They were both so nice and just as nervous as I was to take the course. As the teacher unlocked the door to the classroom, I became more nervous. Our

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