I Had A Good Learning Experience Observing Pt And Ptas

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I had a good learning experience observing PT and PTAs. The places that I observed were Phoenix Rehabilitation and Health Sciences and Phoenixville Hospital Rehabilitation. The Phoenix Rehabilitation and Health Sciences was combined with residential apartments. The PT clinic was on the first floor and the apartments were on second and third floors. The PT clinic was very spacious, organized and neat. There was a small cabin in the entrance for unit clerk, a big therapy room, and two rooms for evaluations. The therapy room was quite big. There were exercise equipment such as trade mill, leg press, pulleys, bicycle, parallel bars, bypass board etc. on one side of the room. On the other side of the room, they had three beds for patients, and…show more content…
The third employee was Samantha who deals with the patient’s insurances, payments and appointments. Since it’s only one PT and PTA, they usually divide the patients between them. Hilary sees certain numbers of patients, and take over their therapy sessions completely. Rebecca takes the other half of the patients. The correlation between Rebecca and Hilary is amazing. Their relationship has trust, support, friendliness, respect, acceptance. Rebecca respectfully takes suggestions from Hilary for patient 's POC. They get variations of diagnosis such as shoulder surgery, THR, TKR, lower back pain, cervical pain, sprain, etc. They get most of the orthopedic patients, because the PT specializes in orthopedics. Most the patients who come there are independent and drive themselves to the therapy. The session for each patient is supposed to be 30 minutes, but it usually gets longer than that. All the patients do their exercises first, then the PT or the PTA work on them. At the end of their session, they usually get modalities or electrical stimulation if needed. When the patients are doing their exercises, PT and PTA keeps eye on them to see if they need help, whether they are compensating their exercises, cues them, or suggest some changes in their exercises. This clinic uses electronic SOAP notes. They also print out an exercise agenda for each patient. So, the PT and PTA can track of what exercises, the patient is doing on their

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