I Had A Passion For Medicine And Helping People

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I first realized that I had a passion for helping people when I was a part of the Interact Club in high school. We performed many community service projects, most of which directly involved helping people in need. Watching the look of someone 's gratitude when you give them groceries, or help repair their home was extremely satisfying. At the same time, my passion for medicine first began when I visited the hospital to see my ill cousin while in my teenage years. I watched as health care workers worked tirelessly and with such compassion to make sure he was comfortable and was getting better. I remember all of these scenes vividly and to this day I feel this event was the initial spark of my love for medicine and helping people. These two passions combined helping me to understand that I wanted to use them together in the healthcare field. I then began my college career wanting to go to medical school. However, I never felt the drive to fully pursue being a physician, and my work ethic and grades in college suffered due to this lack of commitment. I wanted the challenge of diagnosing and successfully treating a patient, but I did not want to invest ten years of my life in pursuing the goal. I did not feel the need to study if I was not going to love what I did. Then two years ago I learned about the physician assistant (PA) profession and my entire outlook changed. A family member, who is a Registered Nurse, explained to me what a PA was, and how effective they were in the

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