I Had Joined A Bollywood Dance Team

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Back in 2013, I had joined a Bollywood Dance team. I had always loved dancing, and the team always allowed me to show my love and appreciation towards dance and to embrace my Indian culture and heritage. I was a part of it for two years and met some incredible people. It was safe to say that I made friends on this team that would last a lifetime. A couple of my best friends from the team, Vishal and Rajan, had started attending UCR in Fall 2015, and through them, I learned a lot about the Indian dance teams on campus. They happened to join one their freshmen year too. It was called UCRaas. They had a memorable freshmen year, competed in competitions across the country, and had experiences similar to the ones we shared with our old dance team. They were a part of UCRaas even though it was not a similar dance form to what we had all been a part of. UCRaas was a Raas Garba team. Raas is a traditional folk dance, originating from the state of Gujarat of western India, that can be traced back to the time of Lord Krishna and has to do with the religious festival of Navratri, a Hindu celebration of worshiping the Goddess Durga. There are two forms of Raas. One is called Garba Raas, which is danced in a large circle continuously, with each step being delivered in a two to three count rhythm. The second is called Dandiya Raas. This Raas form involves baton like sticks called dandiyas. It consists of two circles, in which partners dance together in a series of specific counts.…

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