I Had Much Of A Choice

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It wasn’t as if I had much of a choice. Actually there was. However, this would settle things once and for all. Although, there were assurances from the legal team (of the best criminal attorney’s in the country) that there was nothing to worry about, but a small chance is still a chance. I did discharged a firearm and my father did thrashed Gilbert something awful in front of a room filled of witnesses (most of which just happen to be close personal friends of the Tilley family). If you also add my father’s takeover of Tilley pharmaceutical in a wonderfully barbaric corporate takeover, there was little doubt he wasn’t satisfied with bounding Gilbert Tilley off tables and the floor. With my mother’s content and open support for Gilbert being my husband by how she constantly overlooked what had occurred on our estate clearly placed her on their side although her actions would not cause the destruction of her own marriage. Proceeding for divorce was delayed for thirty days to allow legal separation to take place. My mother attending family brunch twice a month could not be used as a point of reset for the separation due to myself as their child. Although I was of legal age to dispute their rights to associate with me, it was quickly pointed out that I had no court order of restraint against my mother. After it was proven in court that I had every right to do so and was highly suggested by the judge himself the pleasure to sign the document himself, that to was…

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