I Had Never Even Heard Of Discourses

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When I first came to RIT, I had never even heard of discourses before, let alone write an entire essay on it in roughly a week. I suppose then that this could be considered a separate discourse itself. When I was in high school, our teachers had us focusing on completing essays solely based on discovering the author’s purpose and using literary elements to support our thesis statements. There it did not matter what our background was; we had to get through the work and were almost required to write it to a perfect state, otherwise it would not be considered as college material. Upon arriving at college, the classwork attitudes changed drastically. Here near perfectionism was not stressed and the backgrounds of students were taken into consideration for classes. With so many discourses present it a classroom, one would think that it would be difficult to accommodate everyone, but for me, it is a discourse that is surprisingly easier to adjust to. Instead of having everyone adjust to one specific discourse, everyone is permitted to their own discourses and contribute to the community. Similarly, Williams explains how these discourses impact conflicts that could arise between students and teachers in the academic classroom. In “Home and Away: The tensions of community, literacy, and identity,” Bronwyn T. Williams argues to researchers and teachers so that they understand that because everyone comes from different backgrounds. They all will not learn the same way and have
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