I Had One Client Who Was Schizophrenic

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I had one client who was schizophrenic so I did a lot of research on schizophrenia (Gray & Zide, 2006). There was not a lot of encouraging treatments for schizophrenics. Cognitive behavioral therapy was one suggested therapy, and I tried using this along with reality therapy by having my client start using a journal to track her thoughts and find positive things to focus on. This technique was really helpful to her. I also had one client who was schizoaffective with depressive features. He was only 19 years old and very difficult to open up. I researched schizoaffective disorder, as well as CBT, and CBT was also a therapy that was suggested for this population (Gray & Zide, 2006). I tried giving this young man homework assignments to track his depression and moods, but he would not do the homework assignments. I would talk with his mother, with his permission, about helping remind him to do the homework. She helped him one week, but he just would not engage in his own therapy. I tried giving him adult coloring book pages to do when his anxiety began to affect him, but he would never do that either. He was probably my most difficult client, and the one I felt like I helped the least. None of the research I did on depression and schizoaffective disorder was beneficial with this client. I would discuss his case with medical, and the Physician’s Assistant was at a loss as to how to help this young man. She had changed his medications repeatedly with no success. 2.1.4 -

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