I Had The Most Horrible Dreams

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Alex awoke in a groggy stupor, confused and unaware of where she was. Angela, having seen that her sister was coming out of her slumber, sat down next to her on the edge of the sofa and began coaxing her into consciousness. “W-What happened?” asked Alex as she raised a hand up to her aching head. “Oh…” she whined, “I had the most awful dreams.” “Mama, Aunt Alex needs juice,” said Liam as he brought his small glass over to them. “It will make Aunt Alex sick no more.” “Yes, baby,” answered Angela, “We’ll make sure your Aunt Alex gets plenty of juice.” “Awe, thank goodness,” mumbled Alex, “I had dreamt that something terrible…” Alex then paused. “Never mind… how’s my little man doing on his special…show more content…
“You’re no friggin’ angel,” Alex surged ahead. “You’re no more of an angel than one of these damn things that burnt up in here. In fact, I bet you’re more—” “So, I see somebody’s feeling better,” Lyanna said, raising her voice and cutting off Alex as she and Cera entered the drawing-room. “Relax, m’dear, I’m sure your parents had no knowledge of and absolutely nothing to do with Angela being what she is. None of what has happened today with Liam is any of Angela’s fault either.” “That’s a load of horseshit,” Alex responded. “Awe, well, maybe you will be comfortable in some of Cera’s clothes,” quipped Katelyn in response to Alex using the word horseshit in frustration, “we can get you a spittoon and a hound dog name Buford and leave you out on the front porch as a lawn ornament.” “My dog was named Maddy,” Cera said chiming in, “but, you already knew that, didn’tcha? Bless your heart.” “Will all the ladies in the room zip their lips for a minute,” said Lyanna raising her voice. “My God… I hear less whining out of Liam.” “You’re no friggin’ angel,” Alex seethed under her breath at Angela. Lyanna approached Alex and undid the bandage over her wound. After wiping the dried blood away with a wet cloth everyone in the room could see that Alex’s hip was almost fully healed already. “You’re going to need to get up,” stated Lyanna, “working your muscles and joints will only help to speed up your

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