I Had The Privilege Of Being One Of Dr. Miller 's Students

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I had the privilege of being one of Dr. Miller’s students during my matriculation at Tuskegee University. Through her courses, I was able to learn more than I expected about composition and literature, by fresh, non-traditional methods. The majority of my writing and analytical skills and academic success can be attributed to her classroom experiences. One of the most important aspects of Dr. Miller’s class is the encouragement of revision. After submitting an essay, Dr. Miller gives her students the opportunity to improve their papers for a better grade and understanding of the writing process. This concept alone helped improve my writing skills tremendously; over time, my grade became less important to me than the actual skills I was developing through repetitive revision. In addition to this opportunity, she also provides thorough feedback to help guide students through the revision process. This educational strategy changed my life; as a result, my writing soared to a new level I never thought it could reach. Later, I also saw a transformation in the writing skills of many of her other students I tutored who also underwent her revision process. Dr. Miller’s classroom experiences are like no other. In her courses, no one is forced to succumb to boring, monotonous lectures. She creatively designs engaging and modern classroom discussions and assignments that spark a newfound interest and appreciation in writing that is very challenging to accomplish, especially among

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