I Hate Violence And Violence

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I Hate Violence Violence is defined as exertion of a physical force so as to injure or abuse. It is an intense turbulent and furious and often destructive action or physical force used to harm someone. Strong angry passion and acting hastily, in a hateful manner to the detriment of another, is simply unacceptable. We, and I mean each individual human being, has to be their filter. Yes, I recognize that we are of many, many different shapes, sizes, colors personalities and abilities, but we always were, yet as we went from extremely simple living, (small communities of people who relied on one another for daily survival) to large industrial computerized nations, our reliance on each other has diminished significantly. Society has shaped and become oblivious to varying degrees of violence, and way to many excuses, pardon me, reasons are given as to why an individual acts in a certain way. To me, we as a species are condoning some pretty horrific actions in this ignorant world and we are not being respectful of each other’s rights. Violence is one of those acts I strongly detest and oppose. There are so many facets of violence, such as violence against women, children, races, religions, cultures, elders, bisexuals, homosexuals, nationalities and transgender people that I could get on a platform here but I will lead the focus to one area of violence, transgender violence.
Degrees of violence has been condoned and justified by society against all people, men and women
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