I Have A Career Centered On Children

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I have always planned to have a career centered on children. I know I could give meaning and fulfillment to the lives of children to dispel any thoughts that they could not succeed. My belief that each child is capable of a multitude of tasks with practice and adaptation was the deciding factor for eliminating careers I did not want to pursue. After years of working with children who have disabilities in different settings, I learned Pediatric Occupational Therapy was the best fit for me. The work of an OT includes the ability to capitalize on each child’s strengths, encouraging the best outcome for a healthy thriving child and later a jovial, independent, prosperous adult. There is nothing more effective to ensure the future of a *better world than to nourish each child thoroughly. For me, there is no profession more important and rewarding than that of a Pediatric OT.
I saw that it was easier to alter habits and to develop new behavioral skills when one is a child before the action becomes customary for the adult. This desire to heal originally led me to consider becoming a child psychiatrist. I changed my mind when I realized that if children received preliminary assistance, they could later live joyous, successful adult lives. This belief made me prefer to work with children as opposed to adults. I applied to many colleges, specifying in psychology. I had intentions to prescribe medications for and practice therapy with children until my studies led me to discover that…
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