I Have A Clear Career Plan

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I have a clear career plan that has multiple stages.
In 2012, I received my Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering after graduating from University of Florida. I moved to South Florida to start my first job as a software development engineer in Citrix Systems Inc. This is the beginning of my career. I felt very comfortable with my role, and consistently delivered solid performance. With the very positive contribution to my organization, I was promoted twice in 3 years. Since the first day I joined Citrix, I have kept growing, developing professional skills and taking on new challenges over time. In short term, I would like to see myself become the leader of engineering team. As a team leader, it is critical to understand company strategy and the key drivers of the company’s success, consider the big picture and how decisions and initiatives could impact others and motivate team members to fully develop their potential and help drive the company’s success. (Project management will be the new skill need more )
After keep building my skill portfolio, the new goal is to move into management. From an experienced engineer to an organization manager, I consider this as a career change not just a promotion. And there will be lots of new challenges of this new leadership job. When I feel comfortable with the manager position, I will start seeking opportunity of shifting to executive leadership roles. As a manager, most of the time I’ll be focusing on the team that I oversee. But as…
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