I Have A Dream Analysis

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THE JOURNEY TO FREEDOM OF THE MIND, BODY AND SOUL Freedom is a key factor of our lives that everyone strives for. It creates a sense of peace within our minds and allows us to expand our horizons. Freedom is not only a physical attribute but an eternal one. To achieve freedom within ourselves is a long and treacherous path that each human must go through. The goodness in one's heart is needed to accept your life's journey. Through perseverance, kindness and self-knowledge the pursuit of goodness becomes the key to personal freedom. To see the goodness within ourselves we must persevere though the faults we have made in our lives and recognize that in the end they make us who we are. We must make choices that in the end may have affected people in the wrong way. As a society we must accept that we must persevere though our faults to achieve a better ending. Amir throughout his life has overcome many obstacles and through those obstacles he has had to do whatever is necessary to get past his difficulties. At points he has to sacrifice the trust between him and his wife because he feels that not telling her about Hassan's rape would protect him from being judged. Although Amir's emotions are not always clear through his journey you can feel his pain because as a human being one must hurt to become a better person. Amir's transformation takes him many years. Amir and Baba had moved to America but Amir did not start of heal until he returned to what was left over of the Afghanistan he once knew. While visiting Rahim Khan he told Amir…show more content…
They must accept themselves and others before they can continue on the path to freedom. Those who achieve the large task are able to continue forward into the future without looking back at the past. If society grasps onto our kindness, self-knowledge and perseverance they will be on the path to personal
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