I Have A Dream By Martin Luther King

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Civil Rights I Have a Dream by Martin Luther King, Jr was a speech given on August 28, 1963. The speech took place on Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. where thousands of blacks and whites joined together to listen. Martin Luther King, Jr stated his dreams of what America should be like, equal for all colored people, including blacks. African Americans should have civil rights equal to that of white men. The system is unfair, but African Americans want to believe that it is not. Even though many civil rights acts have been passed in order to give African American citizens the equal right to white citizens, the system is still corrupt. America must act now to demolish racial injustice. African Americans will not rest until their efforts have changed segregation. In order to achieve this unification and equality for all of American citizens, the people should not degenerate their protests into physical violence. Instead of acting out of discipline the people should act out dignity. Black and whites should be able to join hands to together and live peacefully among one another. Colored people will be able to get along non-colored people as friends and families. Every citizen, blacks and whites, will be able to go to school together, use the same bathroom together, sit together, and live together. Everything will be peaceful for every citizen of America. While Malcom X was in the Nation of Islam he gave out a speech and answered questions, especially about President John
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