I Have A Dream Speech By Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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It was in the mid 20th century when African-Americans faced immense discrimination and racism under the corrupt law in a country which is now known for its diversity in regards to culture and religion. Blacks started to fight against it and they started forming groups and out of all of them it was Southern Christian group that was led by Dr Martin Luther King Jr. which was most popular group which always put their efforts fighting against the racism in the country. It was 28th August 1963, and the total gathering was more than 250,000 and it was the largest ever demonstration seen in the history of Washington. The speech “I have a dream” was delivered by the great Dr Martin Luther King Jr and the speech is known to be one of the most heart touching and impactful speech of all times. That speech was not any ordinary speech but that speech revolutionised the lives of African-Americans in the United States. We can say that, that is where the change begun. This effort of the helped eliminate the racist problems at that time and the speech provoked the people to show more sympathy and help giving a better future to African Americans in the United States. As the title of the speech suggests, it was the dream of the king to see blacks and whites be together in a society. King in his speech persuaded black people to find a logical way to fight against the racism, he claimed that non-violence is the key to togetherness.

The Very first lines in the speech was “I am happy to
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