I Have A Good Idea Of My Stress

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When it comes to wellness issues, I have always struggled the most with stress. I have always been more prone to become stressed, due to my anxiety. Therefore, stress is a big obstacle in my life, and it is something that I need to find a way to deal with, especially now that I have begun to attend college. Because I have dealt with anxiety before, I have a good idea of my stress level. My stress levels can become very high, and as a result, I have several ways of dealing with stress. As a result, I am familiar with some of the techniques mentioned in the textbook. For example, exercising has always been an effective stress technique for me. As mentioned in the textbook, performing exercises such as running and walking on a regular basis has been an effective way for me to reduce stress. However, the textbook has also introduced me to new techniques to help manage my stress, as well as ways to improve techniques I already use. One of these new techniques is eating healthy. Prior to reading the text, I never considered that my eating habits would affect my stress levels. However, after reading through the text, I can definitely see how my eating habits and stress levels affect each other. After evaluating my eating habits, I noticed that I do not eat healthy when I am stressed. When I become stressed or have an important event coming up, such having a test or a paper due, I tend to skip meals like breakfast and lunch, and instead eat smaller snacks of foods such as candy
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