I Have A Good Writer

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Throughout this past year, I have learned a lot about the world, statistics, and, perhaps most importantly, myself. I have learned that I love the world and I have statistics. One of the most important things I have learned this year is that I have potential. I have potential to be a good writer.
I have always loved writing and reading. Maybe it is because my mother imprinted it upon my brother and myself to read a lot. Perhaps it is because I truly love the smell and feel of books, or the release you get from writing out what you have been keeping inside. Either way, I have loved writing and reading, and this year I truly learned what it means to be a writer. In previous years, there has always been an understanding between students and their teachers about writing. You, as the student, write EXACTLY what is expected of you and they, as the teacher, grade accordingly. In this class, Dual Enrollment, while there is a certain standard for your writing, one has the freedom to truly express what it is they want to say. So to have that freedom, and a teacher who does not caudle you with your work, one can really flourish and improve his or her writing skills. For example: in the previous sentence, I wrote, “…his or her…”, but originally I had written, “…their…”; that was incorrect.
In the beginning of the year, we were tasked with writing our first essay; a narrative. My narrative was about something that happened years ago that traumatized me. Being able to get out what had
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