I Have A Learning Disability

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High school, a place where adolescences are supposed to acquire information and prepare for college. Unfortunately, that is not the case in all high schools. Students face horrible counselors, which I may include, some are just there to be total social butterflies. Then, students have their fair share of teachers who just do not give a darn. Thus, by the end of the year a student will possibly feel like he and/or she did not learn enough. I was one of those unfortunate cases, and do not feel that my high school adequately prepared me for college.
First and foremost, I have a learning disability: dyslexia. Which my assigned high school counselor should know about, to see what accommodations I qualify for. I walked into my counselor’s office to give her all the paperwork that has followed me since elementary school. I take a seat wait for her to respond, but in a blink of an eye, she was interrupted by her boisterous phone. Which, of course, I did not mind at first, I mean I was only one of several thousands of students who attended the high school, and I’m positive several other people needed her at once. When she picked up the phone I figured it was just one of her colleagues who needed information about scheduling (since it was the beginning of the year and it was hectic “schedule season”). Soon after I began to feel as if I was not even there; she was talking to who I assumed was a girlfriend, about their girl’s weekend in Napa. I was quite bothered so I got up and left.…
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