I Have A Spy?

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She had sensed his presence before he passed through the tent flap, so it was no surprise when the black-robed figure of Drakar enter.
“I have a prisoner,” he said in his usual dry gravelly voice.
“Bring him in.”
Drakar yanked a smaller cloaked figure into the tent. With his other gloved hand, he jerked back the cloak’s hood to reveal a blond-haired young man with a bruised face, and left eye swollen shut. Dried blood appeared on his lips. He blinked and looked at Faline, a curious mixture of resentment and resignation on his face. Behind his back, bound wrists twisted at the cords.
“Where did you find him?”
“Skulking near the entrance to Knife Edge Pass. There were three, but only this one survived. They fought quite well.”
“Are you a spy?” Faline asked the boy.
He ignored her. Drakar grabbed the boy’s hair and twisted it. He winced and cringed, but said nothing. “Speak to the Mistress.”
“Go ahead and kill me,” the boy sputtered.
“Perhaps,” Faline said, stepping toward him. “But not yet.”
The boy looked at her, a vicious look in his eyes.
This one has courage. Too bad. She placed hands on the side of the boy’s face. “Look into my eyes.” He immediately closed his.
She nodded at Drakar, who placed a gloved hand on the boy’s forehead and pulled upward. She pulled on his cheeks, and the eye not swollen shut opened. Despite rolling his eye around, she caught his gaze, and he stood transfixed at the reddish glow behind her eyes.

Moments later, his eyes now dull and vacant, she
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