I Have A Very Small Family, All Of Whom Have Greatly Contributed

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I have a very small family, all of whom have greatly contributed to who I am today. My family, all of whom are living, include my parents and all four grandparents. Although my family’s beliefs and upbringings has greatly affected me, everything about me has indirectly come from my grandparents. My maternal grandparents and paternal grandparents had a strong influence on my parents, which affected my parent’s upbringing. My maternal grandmother is naturally skeptical and somewhat judgmental. However, she is also very caring and genuinely worries about everyone. On the other hand, my maternal grandfather is very humorous and goofy, but is also somewhat naïve. Although they seem to be very different, they both have similar opinions and…show more content…
In my father’s mind, I had to be able to participate in volleyball, basketball, softball, and track. Because of my father’s expectations and support, I began playing a variety of sports beginning in the second grade. As I continued to play a variety of sports through elementary and middle school, I realized how much I love sports. Once I reached high school, my father’s expectations were slightly disappointed once I started cheerleading. In his eyes, I should be the one being cheered for, rather than being the one cheering for others. I appreciate my father pushing me into sports, because it encouraged me to eat healthier, enjoy physical activity, and be conscious of my unhealthy habits. My mother’s expectations had a large impact on my mental health. My mother expected me to be the perfect child by always being responsible, getting the best grades, and behaving perfectly. This expectation caused me to strive for greatness and everything and to never be okay with doing the bare minimum. On the other hand, this high expectation put a lot of pressure on me and caused me a lot of stressed. If I did not reach perfection, I felt useless and as though I was a disappointment to my mother. This expectation somewhat negatively impacted my mental health because I knew that I could not be perfect constantly. The expectation that my maternal grandmother held has affected my life since I was young. My grandmother expected me to

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