I Have A Wife, By Judy Brady

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Society is progressing and has equal opportunity for all individuals. Though some people fail to understand that in today’s society women and men have the same ability and opportunity. “I Have a Wife” by Judy Brady (which appeared in the One Hundred Great Essays in 2008) describes the expectations for a wife from a husband’s eyes (DiYanni, 108). Brady is a political activist and feminist, who has also published various articles and essays in the Greenpeace magazine and The Women 's Review of Books. The satire shows how those expectations are ridiculous and wives are treated as an object.
The article “I Have a Wife”, is an important piece of writing because of the light it shines on expectations for a wife. The article begins by the author
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The expectation that Brady has that she wants a wife that will meet her sexual needs. She wants the wife to love her whenever she is in the mood and be the one responsible for birth control. The wife should remain loyal to her so she is not bothered and her college life is not affected by jealousies but she should understand that she may not be monogamy with her sexual needs. Brady wants a wife that will left her leave without any burdens if she happens to find someone better. She states, “If, by chance, I find another person more suitable as a wife than the wife I already have, I want the liberty to replace my present wife with another one.” The last expectation that Brady has for a wife is that once she finds a job, her wife should leave the job and remain a housewife.
“I Have a Wife”, brings forth many expectations of a husband for a wife. The expectation that I agree with is that as a wife, she should take care of her husband when he falls ill. Brady states in the article that, “I want a wife who will care for me when I am sick and sympathize with my pain and loss of time from school” (109).When two people marry they make a commitment to taking care of each other. The wife should provide the care the husband requires in his ill time. Another important expectation that I agree with is that the wife should take responsibility of the children. The wife is also a mother and thus should consider about her children.
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