I Have Always Been An Avid Learner

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I have always been an avid learner. I believe a critical part of learning is the attitude towards what is being taught. Growing up, I wanted to become a dancer so I tried out for my high school dance team. I considered myself an excellent dancer, but was unable to capture the dance routine, which resulted in me giving up. Later, I tried out with the cheerleading squad where I made the team and was appointed captain. It was that moment I realized my preferred learning style. I realized that I was a step by step learner, analytical by nature. I do not anticipate things to just happen, but rather understand that each step must be thought out thoroughly to become complete. Today my style of learning is similar, but my approach is different. I do not give up on a challenge, instead, I embrace challenges. Through hard work and persistence, I discovered that the secret to overcoming a challenge is to turn it into an opportunity.
During my undergraduate studies in the Social Work Department at Southern University, I volunteered as an HIV/AIDS Peer Health Educator. This is when I developed a keen interest in human sexuality. As a result of discussing sexually related topics with college females, I realized the need for early sexual education. This was a research project that showed how young, sexually active women, were not conversant on how to protect themselves sexually; they were most apprehensive about pregnancy. I wanted to know the how, what, when, why, and where,…
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