I Have Always Thought Ella Evergreen

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Intro: 1790

I have always thought Ella Evergreen to be a perfectly suitable name for a young lady, like myself, who has been cursed with a constant and rather irresistible urge to climb trees, but as it so happens, my real name is Emma Felder. Emma Felder is by far the most boring and unromantic name on the face of the planet, and if my imagination had even the slightest effect on reality, my name would most undoubtedly be Ella Evergreen.
My older brother Jack taught me how to climb trees when I was young, but he has grown into a proper young man, and no longer runs through the woods with me. Jack is very handsome and kind, but he hasn’t yet found a bride. Papa doesn’t have to support him though. Jack is a carriage driver, and he makes his own money.
My younger sister Jane has long golden hair that reaches the bottom of her back. She has bright blue eyes, a shy, kind smile, and she is perhaps the most beautiful, forgiving, hard-working person I have ever known.
My younger brother Samuel is a trouble maker. He and I don’t get along well, but I love him just the same. Sam’s eyes twinkle with mischief, and his freckles are recklessly scattered across his face.
I live in a small town called Cresco, where nothing remotely interesting ever happens. I have grown up, reading about people I will never meet, and places I will never see. My heart aches for adventure, and my soul longs to wander the unknown. I want to climb mountains, swim in the ocean, and ride a horse into battle,
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