I Have Always Thought Of My Family As A Big System When

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I have always thought of my family as a big system when I was younger. We were private and kept to ourselves most of the time. During events or parties my family held, I could not help but feel like my space was violated. As a student in college, I have had the opportunity to learn more about families and developed a deeper awareness of how my family influenced the way I felt during those situations. One of the theories that have been helpful in understanding to reiterate my family’s interactions and functions is the family system theory. It is described as “...an arrangement of entities, things that interact to achieve a shared purpose or fulfill functions as a whole and its interrelated parts” (Hardcastle, 2010). There are strengths…show more content…
It is not unusual for them to behave this way. Their lack of flexibility to be open is an aspect of the family, but it is not generalizable to the entire family. Therefore the theory is focused on the abstract bigger family and does not recognize the facets of an individual within the system. Additionally, I noticed the systems theory does not account for the patriarchal culture within my family. Rather, it assumes families have equal influence on one another because they are a component within the family. When I told my family I wanted to study abroad on global semester, my siblings were very supportive of me while my dad was not thrilled. My mom responded as neutral as can be and said to me “I don’t know ask your dad.” thus communicating that it upon my dad to allow for me to go. My dad being a Hmong male, normally mandates many decisions and pushes his values on us. It is clear my mom and dad held a different amount of power over decision-making and power is an aspect overlooked in the systems theory but can assist us in seeing the dynamic in families. Cohesion: Separateness and Connectedness There are no deep secrets in my family because we talk to everyone about everything. We also rely on one another for assistance and if we cannot find what we are seeking for then we resort to finding additional help outside of the family. If we
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