I Have Become So Open-Minded To The World And The People

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I have become so open-minded to the world and the people around me because of this class. I learned many things in this class that I never thought would interest me. I came to this class with the mentality that I would not enjoy it and all and all I wanted on the first day of class was for the semester to be over. I was afraid of what I was going to discover and afraid to uncover myself. I think that my biggest fear was to connect with other religions. Without realizing I wanted to keep myself in my own little bubble. I’m glad that didn’t work because I definitely learned wonderful things. It was fascinating hearing about the land-based traditions and how land is so sacred to them. From Hinduism I learned that they don’t have just one…show more content…
I also learned a lot form our neighbors. I loved hearing each neighbor talk about their own faith and their experiences. Having speakers representing different religions was something I enjoyed the most in this class. Hearing that personal view on every religion helped me understand the religion and personalize it. From this I learned that hearing about a religion is one thing, but that’s only a few people’s perspective. I can’t take what one or two people said and consider it as fact. I also learned that two or three people can be reading the same sacred text, but they each may come to their own conclusion of what the text says and means. By learning and hearing about all of these religions and how much they mean to the different neighbors, I learned to truly listen and not cast judgements right away. As the semester went on, I saw in myself an eagerness to hear about the different religions. That never happened before. Never did I think I would become so fascinated by religion. Now, I’m actually considering learning more about religion, but I’m uncertain of what I want to do with it or if I want it to be part of my career. Learning about these different religions is really beneficial for me. After college, I plan to work with people and help them in some capacity. Right now, I’m thinking of becoming a counselor or a family therapist. In order to truly be able to help those who come to me, I need to be more educated on the different cultures
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